Medicine techniques of Israeli

The strategy for each patient and a decision by two specialists doubles the effectiveness of our method. Personal endocrinologist and nutritionist to work with each patient.

Dialite’s goal

Returning patients with diabetes to normal and fulfilling life without the risk of such serious consequences of defective treatment as blindness, kidney failure, amputation of the lower limbs, and others.

Remote technology

For consultation with doctors of project of Dialite patients need only the presence of the Internet, or simply phone. This ensures high efficiency of obtaining necessary medical care.

100% competence

Treatment is monitored by physicians of the highest qualification category with the experience of 15 years! The choice of tactics is carried out on the basis of expediency for the normalization and stabilize blood sugar levels!

Full confidentiality

All personal information about you guaranteed stored by the project staff of Dialayt in secret from outsiders. Only your treating doctor and your personal assistant has access to your information.

Unique treatment

The method is based on a comprehensive medical therapy in conjunction with a balanced diet, allow you to control diabetes, reduce the symptoms of the disease and avoid possible complications.


1. Israeli hospital - you will work leading specialists of Israeli medicine in the treatment of diabetes.
2. Modern integrated approach to treatment - with each patient.
3. The available price policy - ALL our services are available to almost everyone!
4. Remote interaction with doctors - You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a trip to Israel! And there is no more necessity to wait for hours for their turn in district clinics - Your personal Israeli’s doctor will be in touch with you virtually 24/7.
5. Legal guarantees - with each patient sign a contract which gives you the guarantees of the results of our treatment.

our team


Reached stabilization of blood glucose level from 4.0 to 6.0 mmol / l.
Get results within the first month of participation in the «Dialite» project.
Patients with type 2 diabetes who have gone from insulin injections at stabilizing the pills.
25% of patients with diabetes type 2 is completely withdrawn from drug therapy.


Hello everyone! we have join the project with hemoglobin rate 7.9! It’s 6.7 now thanks to the doctors. We compose new menu every day. I refused myself a lot because of the sugar level. Now I eat what ever I want with a special menu having a proper sugar level.

Ekaterina Morozova

Thanks to the project and those who are in it daily carries such a difficult, jewelry work to improve the health of our children! We were taken in a very serious condition after coma with a terrible decomposition and just brought back to life in the truest sense of the word. The method works great, thanks to our doctors that make the impossible possible!

Tatiana Cherepanskaya

Good afternoon, my daughter sick with diabetes first type 1 of diabetes already for two years. During this time, we tried many varieties, types of treatment, but nothing doesn’t work, as a balanced, proper diet. This is an incredible success that we have got into the hands of such a doctor as Vladimir and Ilya. Through their painstaking work, daily and hourly, we have the hope of a cure!!! Thank you very much and low bow to you!!!!!

Julia Sinyakova St. Petersburg

Good afternoon! My little brother 4 years old, get sick more than 2 years old, looking for different ways of treatment, but none of the treatments did not give us the results that we eventually reached with Dr. Ilya and Vladimir, in the project for almost a month, the results is very good, but it is not the limit, I think over time will be much better, and most importantly, I was most pleased with the attitude of doctors to the children, as they relate to children in a responsible and caring, thank you very much that you are with us!

Ayaulym Nurmanali [:ru}Алматы, КазахстанAyaulym Nurmanali

Good afternoon! My son Alexander born in 2009, became ill with type 1 diabetes in June 2013. Since May, 2015. we are on the project «Dialite» with doctors and diabetologists Ilya and Vladimir. Every day with Dr. Ilya we make up the menu, the child chooses the pictures. Dr. Vladimir regulates insulin before each reception write. Every day added new dishes and drinks. The program considers XE, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Sugar became stable. Thank you, Dr. Vladimir and Dr. Ilya for your attention and for their great work!

Anna Dimchenko Minsk

The course Dialite lowered blood sugar to 200 mmol / l to 94 mmol / l. Now, when 2 weeks have passed since the start of the treatment, I feel more confident. If you want to change your life for the better – feel free to contact the clinic and begin treatment!

Vera Giese USA

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